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Work Management Center

The Work Management Center (WMC) is the communications hub for many of the departments within Campus Services.  Regular business hours are Monday-Friday; 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

For emergency conditions or other problems that require immediate attention, please call the WMC at 404.727.7463.  After-hours calls are automatically forwarded to the Emory Police Department who contacts the on-duty mechanic.  Maintenance personnel are available for these requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to Request a Service

A service request should be submitted in one of the following ways:

How a Service Request is Processed

Many buildings and departments have facility coordinators or contact persons who work with the departments of Campus Services regularly and know the service procedures well.  Please coordinate requests with the facility coordinator in your building whenever possible.  This will help eliminate duplication.  Requests for service are processed as outlined below. 

  1. When possible, contact the facility coordinator to inform him/her of the service request.
  2. The facility coordinator contacts WMC.
  3. Upon receipt of the request, the WMC will determine whether the project is billable or non-billable (routine maintenance).
  4. If the request is billable, the requesting department is asked to provide an account number to which the work will be charged.
  5. The WMC will provide the requesting department a Work Order number for future reference.  Call the WMC at any time to check on the status of a Work Order.  Please have the Work Order number available when calling. 
  6.  A Work Order is then created and forwarded to the appropriate service unit.
  7. The service unit will contact the requesting department, if necessary, and set a schedule to complete the work.
  8. If the Work Order is considered an emergency (fire, flood, gas leak, etc.), a mechanic will be dispatched immediately to resolve the emergency. 

There are four levels of priority assigned to Work Requests. 

(1) Emergency

Requires immediate same-day attention to life safety, animal quarters, classrooms, research labs, and potential building damage. 

(2) Urgent

Requires attention within 24 hours or less to address building occupant comfort issues such as “hot and cold” calls, bathroom clogged drains, etc.

(3) Routine

Requires contact with the customer within 72 hours to address or schedule minor repairs or small projects. 

(4) Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled according to an engineered level of service to prevent major system failures and extend the life of equipment.  Note:  Emergency and urgent priority requests are communicated to the applicable personnel by radio as soon as the customer request is received.