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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can you please provide a status of work request?

The Work Management Center can inform you of the status of the the work request in the system.  The work order will be open, been assigned a mechanic, labor completed, materials on ordered or closed.

How long will it take to for someone to respond to my request? 

It depends on whether or not this is a routine, urgent or emergency request. 

There are four levels of priority assigned to Work Requests. 

(1) Emergency

Requires immediate same-day attention to life safety, animal quarters, classrooms, research labs, and potential building damage. 

(2) Urgent

Requires attention within 24 hours or less to address building occupant comfort issues such as “hot and cold” calls, bathroom clogged drains, etc.

(3) Routine

Requires contact with the customer within 72 hours to address or schedule minor repairs or small projects. 

(4) Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled according to an engineered level of service to prevent major system failures and extend the life of equipment.  Note:  Emergency and urgent priority requests are communicated to the applicable personnel by radio as soon as the customer request is received.

I have received an email stating that the work is complete. Why am I receiving this email and the work isn’t complete? 

We will need to contact the maintenance person and/or zone supervisor for an explanation.

Why does it take so long to complete my work request? 

There could be a variety of reasons: materials may have to be ordered or another shop may need to assist. We will research your concern and call you back with additional details.

Why do you need my account number? 

Some requests are not considered routine building maintenance so we may need your account number to process your request. Please refer to the Guide to Services.

Will someone contact me prior to arrival? 

You may not be contacted, especially if the service request is urgent or an emergency.