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About Campus Services

Campus Services Service Awards

Campus Services is comprised of over 800 dedicated, diverse and hardworking individuals who provide Planning, Design and Construction services which include project management and interior design and graphics services; Facilities Management services including building maintenance, custodial services, grounds & hardscape services, and energy & utilities; Transportation and Parking Services which is responsible for parking and moving Faculty, Staff, Students and visitors throughout the Emory community, Police & Fire Safety services and the Office of the University Architect which ensures continuity in the design  and aesthetics of the campus.

Campus Services' strategic goal is to continue to be the facilities service provider of choice for the Emory community, while creating an organizational culture founded on respect, integrity, adaptability, openness and caring. The organization is also firmly committed to being on the leading edge of sustainability and to growing the campus in a way that is environmentally sensitive, while maintaining its beauty and quality for the future.

Campus Services is recognized in its dedication to sustainability by achieving LEED certifications for all of its new construction. The University holds the distinction of having one of the largest inventories by square footage of LEED-certified building space among campuses in America. Twenty-Five of our buildings are LEED Certified, eleven gold, eleven  silver and three  certified.   In addition to many other awards, Emory was one of four local employers honored for its longstanding efforts to promote transportation programs that include: a shuttle service that carries 2.5 million riders annually and is fueled in part on biodiesel from Emory’s cooking oil, a bike and car sharing program, and a successful carpool and vanpool program.