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Surplus Property

Emory Surplus supports the prudent disposition of surplus furniture, equipment and vehicles, which are property of Emory University, by facilitating the resale, liquidation, salvage or disposal of such items. 

Surplus Property is dedicated to Emory’s Sustainability Vision by supporting the resale of used Emory property, prolonging furniture life and decreasing our landfill waste. 

It is the responsibility of the department that has ownership of Emory property to contact Customer Service and Surplus Property when planning the disposal of property.  All disposal of Emory property, including sale to another Emory department, sale to Emory faculty, staff, or students, the liquidation of the item(s), the salvage of items, or the disposal of property, must be completed through the Surplus Department. 

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Vehicle Transfer

Surplus Transfer


Briarcliff Campus, 1256 Briarcliff Rd. Bldg B

Parking Lot J

Click here for map and directions: Surplus Location Map and Directions

Hours of Operation:

Open Tuesday and Thursday

8:30am – 11:30am

1:00pm - 3:00pm


To transfer an item to Surplus, complete a Surplus Property Transfer Form   

To purchase Surplus Property please visit the Surplus Property showroom during open hours or view items on the Surplus Property website. Purchased items may be picked up during open hours or a delivery (for departmental/on-campus purchases only) may be arranged for a minimum $35 delivery fee.


To schedule a pick-up or the delivery of an item to/from Surplus please contact Work Management and submit a Work Request online or by phone (404-727-7463).

All purchased items MUST be picked up within seven days.   A maximum of two items can also be placed “on hold” using the Surplus website and will remain on hold for five days, after which they will be made available for purchase by others.  Payment: Surplus Property accepts ONLY personal checks, certified checks, money orders, Emory Card (Eagle Dollars) or departmental account numbers.  Certified checks or money orders are required for the personal purchase of vehicles and for all purchases totaling $300+.  Checks must be made payable to Emory University and must include the purchaser’s Emory I.D. number. Out-of-state checks are not accepted.*A $35 service charge is assessed for insufficient funds. All funds are credited to the Surplus Property account.


The primary responsibility for “scrubbing” computer systems before transfer to Surplus Property rests with the department that owns them.  The department must ensure, through their IT support team, that all software and sensitive data is removed from computer systems before it is sent to Surplus Property.

Computer hard drives must be sanitized by using a secure file deletion program which helps ensure all information is not only deleted but is completely destroyed.  See articles referenced at:  A secure file deletion program can help ensure that computer information is deleted and destroyed. 

Non-rewritable media such as CD’s or non-usable hard drives must be physically destroyed. 

NOTE: Deleting files or dragging them to the trash bin does NOT destroy them.

Refrigerant Containing Equipment: 

In order to dispose of non-functioning equipment containing refrigerant, the following process must be followed:


To surplus vehicles please complete a Surplus Property Vehicle Transfer Form .