Purchasing Services (Warehouse)

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    Purchasing Services Team

  • Tonja Jones: Supervisor, Purchasing Services

  • David Beck: Procurement Specialist

  • Debbie Copeland: Procurement Specialist

  • Erika Henry: Procurement Specialist

  • Ben Morgan: Procurement Specialist

  • Stephen Nesmith: Sr. Procurement Specialist

The Purchasing Services/Warehouse operation provides services and materials to support the Facilities Management department. They track all orders direct from vendors, receive and distribute merchandise, and provide pick-up and delivery services. 

To schedule a lunch and learn, please contact:
Tonja Jones

Contact Us

301 FM Drive, Building E
Atlanta, GA 30322
Phone: 404-727-2032
Fax: 404-727-7408

Monday-Friday   7:00am to 4:30pm

Purchasing Agents

Tonja Jones, Supervisor
Phone: 404-727-2032
Email: tonja.juwarn.jones@emory.edu

David Beck, Procurement Specialist
Phone: 404-712-5318
Email: david.beck@emory.edu

Debbie Copeland, Procurement Specialist
Phone: 404-727-9457

Erika Henry, Procurement Specialist
Phone: 404-727-1999
Email: erika.henry@emory.edu

Benjamin Morgan, Procurement Specialist
Phone: 404-712-5342
Email: benjamin.morgan@emory.edu

Stephen Nesmith, Sr. Procurement Specialist
Phone 404-727-2597
Email: stephen.nesmith@emory.edu

Vendor Appointment Policy

Emory University Facilities Management Department welcomes vendors interested in doing business with the University. However, due to volume of vendors actively calling, it has become necessary to organize those appointments in a monthly manner.

As such, all “New Vendors” related appointments will be taken on a first come first serve basis in thirty minute increments on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Those appointments can be made by calling 404-727-2032. Vendors are asked to respect the allotted time slot. Once the allotted thirty minutes is up, an additional appointment at the next available time will need to be made.