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This is where you can connect with the Campus Services Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Here, you will find different resources, including SLT video communications and a comment form, to connect and enable two-way communication with CS employees and the SLT.



Select the link to share questions, comments, or feedback to the SLT:


During the Coronavirus situation, the University is transitioning to remote work for employees, where possible. Campus Services resources are here to assist and support you through this transition. The following information has been compiled to assist you. 

Remote Work Resources

Click below to access documents to support remote work:

Remote Work Resource Document: This document provides a list of technology resources and step-by-step instructions to support remote work

Remote Work Property Checkout Form:  If you participate in remote work and you need to take Emory technology devices home, please complete and submit the form

Note: if it asks you to log in on the Microsoft Page, enter your email address []. This will take you to the Emory page where you will need to enter your NETID and password.

Remote Work Security GuidelinesPlease refer to the attached document for requirements/instructions to ensure your devices are operating at the highest security during remote work

CS Learning & Development Updates

To ensure the safety and health of our community, modifications have been made to our learning programs. Please reference the below for details regarding your specific learning program: 

Click here for the latest update on scheduled learning sessions

Click here for a list of Safety courses available online

Campus Services Administration Resources

Units within Campus Services Administration are readily available to support CS operations:

Click here for a list of resources and how to contact each unit

CS Human Resource Forms

Click below to access CS-HR related documents:

FMLA Form (Employee)

FMLA Form (Family Member)

Leave of Absence Form

Medical Leave (non-FMLA) Form

Return to Work Form (when returning from medical leave)

Property Return/Confidentiality Form (when ending employment with Emory)


Emory Updates: Stay up-to-date with the lastest Emory communication at Emory COVID-19 Updates

Central HR Resources

  • Updates from Central HR can be found here 

  • Remote Work Resources for Leaders can be found here 

For additional questions, contact your direct leader or submit through the CONNECT with SLT form.