Facilities Management

We are the carpenters, custodians, staging and surplus experts, mechanics, landscape professionals, plumbers, painters, recycling and waste specialists, electricians and engineers who service and maintain your buildings and their operating systems.  We are committed to excellence in all aspects of facilities management.  Our goal is to be proactive in identifying and resolving problems within your buildings and across the campus.

Communication with our customers is essential, and we have dedicated ourselves to working with you to provide a safe, comfortable, attractive, sustainable and functional environment conducive to teaching, learning, research, and community service.  We want to be your service provider and will work to earn your trust and confidence every day.

Contact Us

David Forbes
AVP, Facilities Management
Phone: 404-727-2199
E-mail: david.forbes@emory.edu

Boubacar Maiga
Director, Building & Residential Services
Phone: 404-712-9155
E-mail: boubacar.maiga@emory.edu

Todd Kerzie
Sr. Director, Operations & Maintenance
Phone: 404-727-7431
E-mail: tkerzie@emory.edu

Joan Kowal
Sr. Director, Energy & Utilities
Phone: 404-727-7003
E-mail: joan.kowal@emory.edu 

Jimmy Powell
Director, Exterior & Auxiliary Services
Phone: 404-727-0230
E-mail: jimmy.powell@emory.edu