Pest Control

All routine and emergency pest control requests should be made through the Work Management Center (WMC)

     CS Work Management Center
     Telephone: 404.727.7463

Emergency pest control procedures apply to situations that endanger the safety of people or research animals, or pose potential problems to Emory University properties and buildings. Emergencies involve the following animals in occupied spaces:

Feral Cats Raccoons
Possums Snakes
Wild Dogs Cyotes
Squirrels Chipmunks
Rats Mice
Contact DeKalb County Animal Control for any suspected rabid animals.
Telephone: 404.294.2996
After Hours: 404.294.2519

Non-Billable Services:

Non-billable pest control services are performed on a regularly scheduled basis per the terms of the agreement with Emory's contract pest control provider.

Billable Services:

  • For auxiliary units and affiliates
  • For projects or department moves