Staging & Moving Services

Special event set-ups and moving services are provided by the Staging and Moving Department.  When submitting Work Requests customers should be very specific as to which items will be moved or set up. Please provide the date of the event or move, date of delivery and pick-up, and the location of the event or move. Personnel and time allotted for jobs are determined by the information provided by the customer.

Contract moving is required when the work exceeds the Staging Department’s capability. Evaluations of all large moves are done based on the information provided to Staging and Moving Services and/or at the request of the customer. Please note that Staging and Moving Services cannot move any laboratory equipment or furnishings that are under a warranty. The vendor of those respective items should be contacted for moving assistance.

Non-Billable Services Include:

These services are provided during regular work hours of 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday-Friday.   Examples of items Staging is capable of moving include: 

  • Furniture (file cabinets, desk drawers, bookshelves/cases, etc. must be emptied by the customer prior to the move date)
  • Laboratory equipment (must be inspected and approved for move by Emory EHSO prior to service date)
  • Photocopied materials
  • Boxed items
  • Items to/from on-campus storage areas 

Billable Services Include Those Performed:

  • Outside regular hours of 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. Monday-Friday, weekends, and holiday work
  • For Auxiliary Units
  • For large department moves that require the entire Staging and Moving staff
  • In conjunction with small or major project renovations
  • By outside contracted firms
  • Requiring items to be moved to/from off campus storage areas and/or rearranging/sorting/maintaining on campus storage areas.
  • When requests are received less than two full business days of the work to be performed. 

Estimates are provided by Staging and Moving Services, upon request. However, a change in the scope of original work will result in a revised written estimate with appropriate customer notification.

When placing a Work Order, inform the Work Management Center if items to be moved are especially fragile or valuable. Staging may request a waiver of liability be filed. 

Staging items may be retained by customers for a maximum of five calendar days. Items belonging to Staging should not be left outside overnight and should not be moved from their delivered location. Pick-up or delivery of items during non-regular hours (as shown above) will incur an overtime charge. Damaged or missing items will be charged to the customer’s account. Staging is not responsible for incidental damage to items being moved including dents, scratches, or any other damage to particle board furniture, as this type of furniture is not designed or constructed to be moved.