Energy Management



You can view the full Annual Energy Report for Emory University Here


Ongoing Support for Energy Conservation

On a monthly basis, energy consumption intensity is calculated by building and grouped by building classification.  High intensity consumption buildings in each classification are targeted for close inspection of HVAC equipment performance.  Energy consumption intensity is also analyzed on an annual basis.


Emory On-Site Energy Production

Emory University has to date completed the installation of (4) Solar Projects, totaling 359 KW of installed capacity. In 2015, Emory piloted a smaller array designed and installed in conjunction with the Emory Waterhub, allowing a significant portion of the building's power needs to be met. Since this project, the flat roofs and building structures of 1784 North Decatur Road & 1762 Road have allowed on campus generation to be expanded greatly. Emory's most recent initiative is the installation of a 1MW (1,000) Steam Turbine Generator (STG), taking excess steam productive at its on campus steam plant and producing power that is used on campus.

On-campus Monthly Electrical Production