HVAC & PM Shops

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Preventive Maintenance

Our exceptional staff provides routine and emergency maintenance services to our academic, housing, research, and administrate partners. Preventative Maintenance is an effective method of avoiding potential failure of facilities equipment and systems (i.e., pumps, motors, pulleys, filters, belts, fans) by performing scheduled maintenance on the equipment. Much of our maintenance is performed after normal working hours. Signage will be posted 24 hours prior to any equipment shut downs in common areas.

For any issues with Utility Services, please submit a request through Work Management.

Contact Us

Jason Martinez
Manager, HVAC
Phone: 404-764-9926
E-mail: jason.martinez@emory.edu

Franklyn Jamieson
Supervisor, Preventative Maintenance
Phone: 404-783-6396
E-mail: franklyn.jamieson@emory.edu

Chris Pritchett
Supervisor, HVAC
Phone: 404-727-3618
E-mail: david.pritchett@emory.edu