Exterior and Auxiliary Services

Exterior and Auxiliary Services is a department in Facilities Management of Campus Services.  Exterior Services consists of GroundsRoads & Hardscape, and Recycling Waste Services.  Auxiliary Services consist of Pest ControlStaging and Surplus


Contact Us:

Jimmy Powell, Director of Exterior & Auxiliary Services    
Phone: 404.727.0230
E-mail: jimmy.powell@emory.edu

Clif Clarno, Assistant Director Roads & Grounds
Phone: 404.727.0594
E-mail: clifton.clarno@emory.edu

Deena Keeler, Assistant Director Auxiliary Services
Phone: 404.727.9275
E-mail: deena.keeler@emory.edu

James Harper, Program Administrative Assistant
Phone: 404-712-8970
E-mail: james.harper@emory.edu

Robert Jaynes, Coordinator Roads & Grounds
Phone: 404.727.4000
E-mail: robert.jaynes@emory.edu

Claire Houston, Administrative Coordinator                        
Phone: 404.712.8921
E-mail: claire.houston@emory.edu

Exterior Services Supervisors

Matt Dempsey, Grounds
Phone: 404.727.0595
E-mail: matthew.dempsey@emory.edu

Darrell Dickens, Grounds
Phone: 404.727.8847
E-mail: darrell.dickens@emory.edu

Joshua Majors, Recycling/Waste Management
Phone: 404-712-0093
E-mail: joshua.majors@emory.edu

Mike Purdom, Grounds
Phone: 404.727.2747
E-mail: michael.purdom@emory.edu

Bob Simon, Grounds
Phone: 404.712.9025
E-mail: robert.simon@emory.edu

Jarrell Reynolds, Staging/Surplus
Phone: 404.727.7484
E-mail: jarrell.reynolds@emory.edu

Robert Williams, Roads & Hardscape
Phone: 404.712.8237
E-mail: robert.williams@emory.edu