Recycling Services

Recycling services are provided for virtually all campus buildings.  For detailed information regarding accepted commodities, or to request recycling services or recycling container(s) please contact Deena Keeler at 404.727.9275 or Claire Wall at 404.712.8921  You can also visit the Emory Recycles website.



Recycling Containers and Charges:

  • 23-gallon Slim Jim Containers - Emory Recycles recommends placing white paper and mixed paper containers in copy rooms, mail rooms, and in centrally located areas around cubicles and offices.  Aluminum and plastic containers are recommended in break rooms, kitchens, and lobby areas.
  • Desk-side Containers - Please order through your department from our office supply vendor
  • Custom containers - Call for samples and pricing
  • Special Event recycling containers and compost containers are available upon request. Delivery and pick-up of containers are provided by the Staging Department. Please allow 48 hours for delivery after request is made

Materials collected for recycling or composting from all campus buildings: 

  • White Paper
  • Mixed Paper (includes magazines, cardstock, and colored paper)
  • Aluminum
  • Green, clear and brown glass
  • Plastic #1-#7 and includes sachet waste such as chip and candy wrappers (no Styrofoam)
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Food Waste and Paper Towels (put in compost containers)

Note: Building Services personnel collect materials from the interior recycling containers and empty the material into external recycling carts, and all glass is separated by color and collected on loading docks or in labs ONLY.


Additional ccmmodities collected for recycling include Emory-owned E-waste, and Emory owned furnuture which are picked up by the Staging Department. Contact the Work Management Center (WMC) to request a pick-up.

Additional non-billable services include:

  • Recycling of purged files or excessive volumes of recyclables - please provide 72 hours notice for delivery of additional containers
  • Building audits for waste minimization
  • Compost collections 

Billable Services Include

  • All recycling services for entities not affiliated with the University (e.g. CDC, CHOA, etc.)

Recycling Drop Off Sites

The Recycling Center drop-off is located on Peavine Creek Drive near the Candler Athletic Fields.  The drop-off is on the right side of the road before you reach the Recycling Center.  Look for the blue carts.  It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Contact the Work Management Center (WMC) for questions or to request services.