Carpentry Services

Carpentry services involve repair to existing building interior architectural components. 

Non-Billable Services Include:

  • Repair of existing doors, door stops and hinges
  • Repair and maintenance of interior tile surfaces
  • Repair/replacement of acoustical tiles in ceilings
  • Repair of torn carpeting 
  • Repair to moldings, baseboards and weather stripping
  • Replacement of handrails
  • Repair of counter tops 

Billable Services:

These are services where new work or work on non-facility items are accomplished.  Examples of billable services include:  

  • Renovations of all sizes from new counter tops to single-room or multi-room modifications
  • Installation or relocation of wall-mounted shelves, new chalkboards and dry erase boards
  • Assembly/disassembly or construction of furniture such as desks, computer stations, freestanding bookcases, and prefabricated partitions
  • Placement of pictures, plants and minor wall items
  • Construction of bulletin boards
  • Installation of new doors, door conversions, door stops and door enclosures
  • Repair of wooden furniture
  • Installation of desk tops
  • Relocation of wall shelves 

Please contact the Work Management Center (WMC) for questions or services.