Painting, Plaster, and Drywall Services

Maintenance painting is completed on an as-needed basis to protect surfaces (e.g. wood, drywall, etc.) from deterioration.  Routine building inspections are performed to assess painted surface conditions.  Maintenance painting is generally performed as determined by the Paint shop supervisor for offices, labs, etc. where traffic is light and the potential for marking and paint damage is minimal.  In high traffic areas painting may occur more frequently, depending on need.


Non-Billable Services Include

  • Maintenance painting (as described above) 

Billable Services Include:

  • Cosmetic painting of all building interior and exterior surfaces (e.g. soiled areas or marks exposed when wall-hung items or furniture is moved)
  • Dry-walling, texturing and painting associated with remodels or renovations
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Painting or staining new furniture
  • Changing color of walls, trim, cabinets and doors
  • Areas that require more regular maintenance (e.g. dugouts, retail areas, etc.)
  • Surfaces requiring patch and paint as a result of abuse or vandalism 

Note:  Changing colors of walls, trim, cabinets, or doors may require two or more coats of new paint.  Typically, if the painting is for maintenance the first coat is non-billable and the customer pays for the subsequent labor and materials for additional coats.

Contact the Work Management Center (WMC) for questions or to request services.