Sustainable Practices in our Work

Paper Sign Inserts for Easy Changes

We have adopted interior sign products (as a standard) to allow for user changes to inserts using paper with software to layout and print the inserts. We'll help you set up for making your own inserts once the project is installed. Inserts may be recycled and this minimizes the need for manufactured inserts or new signs and is a sustainable approach to managing sign changes. Click the University Sign Standards link to the right and view page 2 for an example of the sign system used at Emory allowing for easy changes.

Sign Reuse Program

Free signs! Once old signs are removed, we store them for future use by another customer (if they're serviceable). We often have signs on hand, so feel free to inquire about what we might have to suit your purposes. This might include stanchions, stands, directories, and interior room signs. Most sign products are recyclable and we make every attempt to direct materials to appropriate recycling streams. Life cycle materials: the "permanent" exterior signs we purchase are made from aluminum and are recyclable.

Multiple Use and Longterm Solutions

Let us assist you in obtaining sign or graphic products that may be re-used or used long term in lieu of one-time use products.

Responsible Materials

When possible, we specify and incorporate materials without volatile organic compounds and we like to use materials with a recycled content or that are easily re-used or recycled. We’re always on the outlook for substrate material that’s considered scrap to incorporate into projects and often refer customers from one project to another customer who might be able to use something once the first user is finished.

Banner Recycle Program

Campus banners may be crafted into useful objects (tote bags, wallets, notebook covers, courier bags) and we have sources who will accept our banner material after removal for use in making products. Tip: It’s possible to re-surface your banners for next year’s event (new dates/times) if you would like to use a banner multiple times.