Crime Prevention Programs

The Crime Prevention Unit offers a number of educational programs to engage the Emory community in partnering with us for a safe and secure environment. Click below to view the various programs.

Emory Watch Program

Through Emory Watch the Emory community learns a number of crime prevention techniques to reduce opportunities for crime. Emory Watch helps University staff, faculty and students to become familiar with resources available from the Emory Police Department to learn these risk reduction techniques. Emory Watch programs include safety awareness, Operation ID, physical security reviews, victim assistance and traditional crime prevention and community relations programs. For further information contact Crime Prevention.

Coffee with a Cop

Coffee with a Cop is a national program which provides an opportunity for police and community members come to together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee.

Around the country, Coffee with a Cop has done wonders for community trust, police legitimacy, and partnership building.

Community members come to a local Coffee with a Cop for a variety of reasons, but no matter why they come to their local event, they are likely to leave with a more positive impression of their local law enforcement agency.

One of the keys to Coffee with a Cop’s success is that it removes the physical barriers and crisis situations that routinely define interactions between law enforcement officials and community members. Instead it allows for relaxed, informal one-on-one interactions in a friendly atmosphere. This informal contact increases trust in police officers as individuals which is foundation to building partnerships and engaging in community problem solving.

So pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee…

Here are the upcoming Coffee with a Cop events for the Emory Police Department:

Date   Location   Start End Flyer
Grady FOB Building
(Lobby by 101)
11 am - 12 pm Download

To schedule a Coffee with a Cop event, please call the Emory Police Deparment during normal business hours at 404.727.6115.

Community Police Academy

Classes will be held in the police department’s training room, located on the ground floor of the North Decatur Building (1784 N. Decatur Rd.) The classes will typically be offered weekly from 5:30PM until 7:30PM. Fall 2018 dates will be announced at a future date.
The classes will cover a number of topics, including an overview of our department, patrol techniques, criminal investigations, and courtroom procedure. Participants will also receive hands-on training in subjects like defensive tactics, use of force simulations, and firearms.
This class is free and open to members of the Emory community (faculty, staff, and students). All applicants must be over 18, sign a release, and pass a background check prior to participation in the class.
If you want to know more about policing and the Emory community, come join us! Click here to register.
To obtain more information, contact Sgt. Mawson at or Ofc. Andrews at

Safety Awareness Program

Emory Police uses the Emory safety whistle as part of a community safety awareness program.  The Emory community is taught, during personal safety presentations, how best to use the whistle as part of this “Emory Watch” awareness program. Students, faculty and staff know how to respond when they hear a whistle on campus and how to report the alarm.  This creates a community that looks out for one another and can partner with the Police to assist in creating a safe environment. For further information contact Crime Prevention.

P.R.I.D.E. Program

Georgia Teens Ride With P.R.I.D.E. (Parents Reducing Injuries and Driver Error) is a FREE, National Award- Winning two-hour course designed to help parents and their new (or soon to be) teen drivers, ages 14-16, learn what they need to do during the 40 hours of supervised practice driving time required by Georgia law. This class is instructed by Emory Police Officers and coordinated by Crime Prevention.  For further information, contact Crime Prevention.

Child Passenger Safety Technicians

Emory police has officers who are trained in the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) standardized Child Passenger Safety(CPS) course. Emory Police Technicians partner with Safe Kids Dekalb and the Georgia Traffic and Injury Prevention Institute (G.T.I.P.I.) to involve themselves in activities, including child safety seat checks ,where parents and caregivers receive education and hands-on assistance with the proper use of child restraint systems and safety belts. This service is provided to the Emory Community, and other families in the larger Atlanta/Dekalb area. After initial certification by National Safe Kids, the CPS Technicians are recertified every two years.  For further information, or to schedule schedule an appointment with a CPS Technician, contact Crime Prevention.

Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Presentations

Emory Crime Prevention Unit can provide many different programs to address concerns of the Emory Community and to help with making this a safer environment. Some of those programs are listed below. If you have a specific need the members of the unit can tailor a program for as few as one and as many persons as your audience includes.
Topics available are Identity Theft, Crisis Response, Workplace Safety, Monthly Safety Table Tops, DUI /Alcohol/Drug Abuse enforcement education, Personal Safety.  For further information, contact Crime Prevention.

Campus Physical Security Assessments

Emory Police provides ongoing evaluations and reviews of physical security concerns on the campus. For further information or to schedule an evaluation or review of your location's physical security, contact Crime Prevention.

Crime Prevention Month

Annually in October Emory Police Department recognizes Fire Safety Week and Crime Prevention Month by hosting a Safety fair. The event is attended by over 30 vendors and service provides from the campus and off-campus stakeholders in these areas. The event is well attended and each year a different safety theme is chosen.  For further information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit.