About the Office of the University Architect

The University Architect, a licensed professional, is responsible for the planning, scope and visual implementation of any new structure, garden, pathway, or amenity placed in the Emory campus context. Working with the University Landscape Architect and with the PD&C Capital Planners, the University Architect is the eyes and ears of the University’s aesthetic & physical development. Working within the cultural landscape, the academic program and the utilitarian support systems of the campus, the University Architect guides the creative process for new physical elements, those that organize, define, and grow the Emory community.  This is mainly done through the University’s Capital Development Process.

The University Architect works with the various groups in Campus Services as a consultant to assist in the decision- making process for projects and tasks that affect the overall planning and image of the University. Also, the UA works with a variety of campus groups to complete tasks that may include the inventory of program space, work with specially designated committees, sketching alternative options, and presenting at Town Halls.

The University Architect maintains community relationships with neighborhoods and business areas surrounding the University Campus, and advises the University leadership on their planning and design projects affecting the Emory community.