Emory operates five 110,000lb/hr steam boilers that consume natural gas and fuel oil when the natural gas supply is interrupted. The boiler plant annually consumes about .87 billion cubic feet of natural gas to produce about 750,000,000 lbs of steam. The steam is distributed underground to 55 buildings on the central campus for space heating, water heating, humidification, and process loads. Steam consumption is metered at every building. As of July 2016, the newest boiler #10 was installed replacing boiler #5. There is also a new steam-turbine generator that was installed within the steam plant that has the capability to produce a megawatt of electricity.



Please check out the time lapse video and article on the installation of our newest Boiler #10 Here

Chilled Water Plants

Three chilled water plants provide cold water for space cooling to 48 buildings through underground distribution systems. The plants provide annually about 50,000,000 ton-hours of cooling by supplying 42F water used to cool and dehumidify air entering and circulating in the buildings. The plants have a combined capacity to supply 22,000 tons of cooling. Chilled water consumption is metered at each building for all of the buildings on the distribution system.

Water Chiller

Chilled Water Meter

Air Handler

Domestic Water

DeKalb County annually supplies about 370,000,000 gallons of domestic water. Emory uses a private distribution system in the main campus area. All buildings are metered for domestic water.

Natural Gas

Atlanta Gas Light annually delivers approximately 1 Billion cubic feet, purchased through marketers, directly to some facilities and to the central steam plant. The natural gas market is deregulated in Georgia which gives Emory access to the natural gas commodity market.


Georgia Power provides approximately 300,000,000 kilo-watt hours of electricity annually to the central campus facilities. The peak summer electric demand is about 52 megawatts. Electric power is fed by Georgia Power directly to some buildings and through a substation and private Emory distribution system to the rest of the buildings. Electricity consumption is metered either by Georgia Power or private Emory meters at every building.

Meet Our Team

Ken Wysocki 
Director, Utilities

Phone: 404-727-8465
E-mail: kenneth.wysocki.jr@emory.edu

Jody DiCarlo
Manager Plant Operations

Phone: 404-727-0233
E-mail: jody.dicarlo@emory.edu

Mike Hutto
Manager Plant Maintenance

Phone: 404-783-8535
E-mail: michael.hutto@emory.edu

Eric Alexander
Supervisor High Voltage Electrical

Phone: 404-727-6131
E-mail: eric.alexander@emory.edu