Interior Signs: Planning, Updating, Purchasing, New

New Signs

As a standard practice, we'll assist you in designing, planning, pricing, and ordering new signs for your space with an eye to functionality, wayfinding and the budget. Emory has established a preferred vendor for systems signage used in buildings. The base standard is an attractive curved-face aluminum system that is durable and flexible to make changes easy. All sorts of sizes and sign types are possible with the standard and we have three standard color schemes which work with virtually all interior color schemes. There are certain decisions regarding the selection of modules that affect cost and appearance and we'll share samples and obtain costs for you. We also prepare sign plans using the building floor plan and sign message schedules. Customers or building occupants will be supplied with software and paper supplies in order to be able to make room name changes. Permanent room numbering and identification of restrooms, stairs, and similar permanent rooms is performed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Click the image below for examples of signs from the Standards.

Sign Replacements

For existing sign programs, we can match existing products when prudent and help you with inserts. We can upgrade existing signs and often refurbish them. When renovations or additions to space are executed we can assist you with the decision to add to the system you have or replace it with the new standard. Click on the image below for an enlarged view of the standards including exterior sign standards.

Sign types typically used in Emory buildings and spaces:

Room signs: offices, workstations, labs, conference, utility, restroom, etc.

Directional signs: wayfinding signs, directories

Identification signs: dimensional letters, logos, seals, call-outs for spaces

Regulatory signs: prohibitions, evacuation plans, rules, warnings, etc.

Menu boards and bulletin boards