Graphic Design Services

Comprehensive graphic design services are available to the Emory community from Planning, Design and Construction. Graphic Design services are available independent of renovation and construction projects for such items as event graphics, special maps or other graphics needs. We work closely with project managers and the University Architect to coordinate our work within the framework of the Master Plan and established campus standards. We are shepherds of the University's branding standards managed by Communications & Marketing. To be able to execute your requests, we have a professional staff of two graphic designers and administrative support staff.

To engage our graphic design services, place a Service Request with the Work Management Center or contact us directly. Products purchased for customers externally, such as sign fabrication or printing, are charged at cost to the customer's account. Hourly charges for design and coordination are $75. If desired, estimated hard and soft costs can be provided prior to beginning a project.

Services we provide to the Emory community:

  • Maps and diagrams
  • Presentation materials
  • Donor and achievement recognition
  • Event signage, banners, and graphics
  • Sign planning and wayfinding consultation*
  • Official exterior campus sign additions and changes*
  • Building inscriptions, memorials, and donor recognition
  • Interior Signs and Sign Systems: room ID, directional, informational and regulatory

Please ask us if you don't see what you're looking for and we will direct you. Please feel free to contact Barry Atwood

For On-Campus Printing Services please contact Emory Document Services

*Exterior Signs: We're responsible for implementation of the Wayfinding Master Plan and sign approvals under the auspices of the Vice President of Campus Services. All exterior official Emory signs require administrative approval and we will guide customers through this process.