We Create Custom Maps. Do You Need One?

We maintain an illustrative map of the Emory campuses and we will customize this map for your purposes. You can view and download our "Campus Map" from the QUICK LINKS section to right of this page. Ask us about the possibilities for map products we can create for you. Click on the transportation map example below for an enlarged view pdf.

Note: Our colleagues in the Campus Services IT (CSIT) department maintain the official interactive map found at map.emory.edu. There are a number of printable maps on that site as well. The maps maintained by CSIT are engineering maps drawn to scale. Either the "to-scale" map maintained by CSIT or the "illustrative" map we maintain may be used and customized for your purposes, just ask.

3D Maps

We created and maintain a Google SketchUp map of the Emory main campus and Oxford College campus that is not only three dimensional in appearance but actually exists as a 3D drawing space. We can generate a screen capture or perspective view of this bird’s eye view. Click the image for enlargement.

Above is an example of the 3D map. It can be rendered in a number of styles and color combinations. Talk to us about your needs. Unfortunately, we cannot supply the SketchUp file, but we'll export a JPEG or other digital formats of the desired view that may be used as an illustration or map for your purposes.

3D Space Renderings

If you need to illustrate a space, potential arrangement or layout of furniture or equipment, let us know what you're thinking and we'll discuss the possibilities. This work is produced in Google SketchUp and we can output jpg image files for your use. We can render interior as well as exterior spaces at Emory. Click on the image above for an enlarged view.