About the Emory Police Department

The Emory Police Department (EPD) provides law enforcement services to the Emory community on three campuses: Main, Midtown, and Oxford. EPD employs sworn and non-sworn personnel to fulfill the department's applicable missions, visions, and values:

  • The Emory Police Department Mission: "It is the Mission of the Emory Police Department to provide professional Police services in partnership with the community we serve."
  • The Emory Department of Public Safety Mission: "It is the Mission of the Emory Department of Public Safety to provide professional Police, Fire Safety, and Emergency Medical Services in partnership with the community we serve."
  • The Emory Campus Services:
    • Mission: "Our mission is to plan, build, operate and maintain Emory's facilities and infrastructure; and to provide transportation and public safety services in support of the Emory community."
    • See the full Campus Services' Mission, Vision, and Values statement.
  • The Emory University

Oxford College Division

The Oxford College Division of the Emory Police Department, commanded by Deputy Chief Bob Walker, provides security services to the Oxford College community. The officers working at Oxford College are fully trained and certified police officers. The police officers are certified according to state law, and meet the same standards as police officers working on the Atlanta campus.

The Oxford College Division serves as a support unit for the purpose of maintaining a safe environment for faculty, staff, and students as well as security for the Oxford College physical plant. Police officers are on campus 24 hours per day and can be reached by calling 404.727.6111 or 770.784.8377. The officers are trained to handle emergencies and serve as a contact with the local law enforcement agencies and medical personnel.

The Oxford College Division office is located at 402 West Moore Street, Oxford, GA 30054. If you have any questions please contact us at the numbers above or e-mail us at: oxcampuspolice@emory.edu.

Click here to download the "Just In Time Safety Guide".

The Oxford College Division, commanded by Capt. Bob Walker, performs uniform patrol, parking enforcement, and other duties on the Oxford College campus.

Special Services Division

The Special Services Division, commanded by Deputy Chief Cheryl Elliott, includes the following units:

Crime Prevention

Emory Police Crime Prevention is responsible for carrying out the mission of the Emory Police department in their efforts to anticipate, appraise and recognize crime risks.

Cadet Program

The Emory Police Cadet program provides enrichment and internship opportunities to students within the Emory Community with the Police department. The Cadets perform tasks under police supervision. They are used in non life-threatening situations, including fire drills, crowd control, and community police services.  They provide the monthly checks of campus-wide emergency phones and weekly pick-up of Lost and Found items from various campus locations. The Cadets are also given training in CPR. They conduct proactive safety services to the community by providing safety escorts primarily during late night and early morning hours. The Cadets are can be found sharing proactive risk reduction techniques through the use of table tops for the Emory community and in residence halls.

Cadets observe and report to Emory Police Officers potential issues/hazards which could jeopardize the safety and security of the community. This is done through bike and walking assignments at Lullwater Estates Park, Clairmont Campus  and the campus interior. They act as extra eyes and ears for Emory Police at events including, but not limited to concerts, receptions, Commencement, Special Olympics, Unity Week activities, Freshman Orientation and other special university-wide events as assigned. Cadets appear as McGruff, the Crime Dog, to deliver a 'think safety' message and to encourage common sense steps to reduce crime. Many of these projects involve service to youth groups through our partnership with other law enforcement agencies, Emory student organizations, and Volunteer Emory.

Minimum Qualifications: Cadets must be currently enrolled as Emory students and undergo a background investigation, including a Criminal Justice-level GCIC criminal history. A Cadet can have no felony convictions, must possess a valid driver's license and insurable driving record, and must adhere to the highest standards and integrity in student conduct, as demonstrated by adherence to rules and regulations and respect for authority.  Cadets must also successfully complete an oral interview. Cadets must demonstrate a service-oriented attitude and positive image of competence and humanistic approach to service. Cadet service to the community includes availability to work any shift as assigned, in a non-traditional 24hour/seven-day work cycle; successfull completion of an Effective Cycling course; and a Defensive Driving course.

For further information about becoming an Emory Police Student Cadet, contact the Cadet Program Coordinator.

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit provides in-depth investigation of crimes and performs Homeland Security functions.

Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit provides crime prevention education, provides fingerprinting services, provides victim assistance, coordinates physical security functions with the university lock shop, and coordinates community outreach programs (including PRIDE, child passenger safety, Coffee with a Cop, and teen driver safety programs). Crime Prevention officers coordinate inter-agency cooperation through Metro Tech and other organizations. The Crime Prevention Unit also coordinates the Cadet Program, a team within the Crime Prevention Unit made up of student workers.

Communications Unit

The Communications Unit takes the initial calls for service for all divisions of the Department of Public Safety. Communications officers are also responsible for broadcasting emergency alerts to the Emory Community in collaboration with the administration, shift supervisors, and Emory News and Information.

Records Unit

The Records Unit maintains the records for the department and ensures that reports meet standards for quality.

Uniformed Services Division

The Uniformed Services Division, commanded by Deputy Chief B.R. Edge, is the largest and most visible division of the Emory Police Department. When you need the police, the uniformed officers are likely to be the first ones you will see.

The Units of the Division are the Main Campus Patrol, Emory University Hospital Midtown Campus Patrol, Records, and Physical Security Services

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