Planning, Design and Construction Response

Detailed PDC Response to COVID-19

This is to share information regarding planning, design, and construction projects at Emory. At this moment there are no announced or planned changes to project execution as a result of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and remote workplace environment. During the next few weeks, our PDC team will be working remotely when their presence on campus is not required. They will have full functionality and will be responding to all emails and calls during this time. Work will continue to move forward, using electronic means to the maximum extent practical.

We are in uncharted territory and the situation is fluid. 

This is what we know:

  • City of Atlanta has temporarily paused all new permitting until they migrate over to an online system, permits underway should not be impacted.  We do not have a timeline as to when this will be implemented.  This will delay projects not yet submitted. 
  • Due to supply chain disruptions, some construction and furniture material shortages in China were reported, and we expect more as the U.S. and other countries adjust to the situation.  We are working with our vendors and contractors to recommend alternative products, if there is an issue we will be in touch regarding impacts to specific projects.

What we don’t know:

  • When the City of Atlanta will resume accepting new projects for permitting
  • Potential inspection delays
  • Potential supply chain disruptions and material shortages
  • Labor shortages due to workers being isolated, quarantined, or ill

As stated, the situation is fluid and we will update all of you as information becomes available.  We expect project schedules to be negatively impacted by the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.

We also sent out a notification to our vendors today as a step one (especially for projects inside buildings)

  1. GC/CM to make sure that handwash stations are provided with hand sanitizer and/or antibacterial soap
  2. GC/CM to provide hand sanitizer stations and wipes around the project site
  3. Provide masks, or gloves, where appropriate to minimize contact between workers
  4. Review the site procedures for taking deliveries (limit the places where deliveries are allowed on site, disinfect packages upon arrival (i.e. Lysol spray), minimize contact with delivery people
  5. Clean and disinfect common meeting places more frequently (portable toilets, conference rooms, lunch/cafeteria areas)
  6. Limit size of meetings or consider call-in or Zoom meetings if face to face is not necessary
  7. Restrictions for where workers go on campus, to avoid potential spread of virus, is job sites and restrooms only
  8. Minimize travel by consultants from high-risk areas of the country

PDC Support

PDC is supporting the return to campus and COVID-19 response efforts by serving as project managers for several initiatives.

Contact Planning, Design, and Construction directly to initiate or continue your school/ unit return to campus efforts.

         Main Line: 404.727.7783