Surplus Property

Emory Surplus supports the prudent disposition of surplus furniture, equipment and vehicles, which are property of Emory University, by facilitating the resale, liquidation, salvage or disposal of such items. 

Surplus Property is dedicated to Emory’s Sustainability Vision by supporting the resale of used Emory property, prolonging furniture life and decreasing our landfill waste. 

It is the responsibility of the department that has ownership of Emory property to contact Customer Service and Surplus Property when planning the disposal of property.  All disposal of Emory property, including sale to another Emory department, sale to Emory faculty, staff, or students, the liquidation of the item(s), the salvage of items, or the disposal of property, must be completed through the Surplus Department.

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Route to Surplus Property during Briarcliff Campus construction:
Surplus Property Map

Briarcliff Campus, 1256 Briarcliff Rd. Bldg B

Parking provided in Parking Lot J

Hours of Operation:

Closed for Summer 2018



James Harper, 404-727-0545,

Jarrell Reynolds, 404-727-7484,