Operations Support

Engineering Operations support provides a host of services to support renovations, diagnostics, replacements, and energy savings.


  • Engineering helps determine scope of projects, develop budgets, alternatives and ideas to reduce costs of renovations.
  • We will review project scope, specifications, construction schedule, and controls to ensure they meet the customer’s, maintenance staff and Emory’s needs.
  • Engineering will ensure contractor compliance through site visits and meetings.
  • Finally we will review the operation of the installed equipment to ensure it does what it is supposed to at completion.



We help resolve persistent comfort issues that can occur daily or seasonally and to uncover underperforming systems for equipment support by reviewing design and current usages. Engineering assists in determining building-wide problems with comfort or indoor air quality (IAQ).

Replacements and/or Repair


Engineering determines the best scope of repair or replacement based on building need and current funding.  In the absence of an existing scope of work, we will develop one along with options to work within existing budgets.

Energy savings

Operations Engineering provides ideas on existing building energy savings opportunities and provides review of budgets to implement solutions for energy reduction.