Donor and Achievement Recognition

We're proud to have been involved in a number of projects recognizing individuals for their achievements and/or generosity to Emory. Not everything you see out on campus was created by us but we have a number of excellent examples that we can share with you for planning your project. We're well-versed in the materials and techniques available to create a recognition solution that's appropriate in terms of stewardship but also harmonious with the environment it will be placed in.


CASE STUDY 1: The Academic Hall of Fame, Goodrich White Hall, is an additive composition in an asymmetrical layout allowing new medallions to be added when scholars are recognized. The acrylic and aluminum panels contain biographical text and a photo. This wall has been in service for several years, with many years capacity going forward.

CASE STUDY 2: For the Robert W. Woodruff Library, lighted interchangeable panels were incorporated over the backdrop of a large digital image. A communications monitor controlled by the library features donors. The approximate size of this wall is 12 feet square. Quotations from authors in Emory's special collections are dispersed over the wall and it's set up for annual donor updating. For an enlarged view click the photo.

Sample Recognition Project Types (if you don't see it here, just ask):

Inscriptions for buildings*
Donor recognition systems and installations (interchangeable/lighted/permanent)
Student/faculty achievement installations
Individual keepsakes (mementos, plaques, framed certificates, etc.)
Historical markers for buildings, memorial trees, and features on campus* 

*These items require coordination with the Board of Trustees and University Architect. Let us guide you through the process.