Frequently Asked Questions - PD&C


What specific services do you provide?

  • Bidding & Contracting – we manage the selection of design and construction teams with the intent to find a best price for the customer.  This usually includes architect, contractor, vendors and subcontractors but may also involve any service from commissioning to audio/visual consultants or geotechnical surveyors to mechanical equipment. 
  • Construction Coordination – All new construction projects will have a project manager who manages design and construction processes throughout all project phases.  Each representative is an in-house representative who specializes in that project’s building type as well as its unique specifications.  Your project manager will serve as the sole liaison between designers, contractors, county and owner.
  • Cost Estimates – Before a project is approved by University committees and administration, a project manager will request cost estimate proposals from numerous vendors in order to find the most competitive price.  Project size and scope determines the level of detail and design required for cost estimating. Consultant services may be required to uncover or plan for unforeseen conditions based on project location and adjacent facilities.
  • Renovations – This service involves any work surrounding the reconstruction of a space and includes but is not limited to lighting, wall and floor restoration, equipment installation, and re-programming of spaces.
  • Building Warranty Assistance – Each project completed by Emory’s Planning, Design & Construction department will require consultants and vendors to supply record drawings (as-built documents), building/equipment warranties as well as operation and maintenance manuals.  These documents will assist project managers and Facilities Management in the future for troubleshooting or if a replacement or change is made to that space or building.

How do I start a Capital Project?

Capital Projects are defined as any construction project with a total project budget including soft costs (ie design services, furniture, A/V equipment, PM fees) in excess of $100,000.  The capital project approval process at Emory consists of 9 major funding phases with deliverables and approvals required as specific intervals. Customer wishing to discuss a new capital project should contact Jennifer Fabrick, University Architect to define the project idea (Step One Paper) feasibility, criteria scope and program needs.  A copy of the Capital Project Process is located here:

Capital Development Process

Can my building project be LEED certified?

In 2001, Emory University’s trustees passed a resolution to construct all current and future buildings to achieve LEED standards.  Renovations to existing buildings are completed using sustainable practices appropriate for the project scope.

A map of current LEED Certified buildings is maintained by Emory's Sustainability Initiatives website.

Can I manage my own renovation project?

Emory University's Contract Approval and Signature Authority Policy reads as follows: 

All construction and renovation projects or any project that would significantly alter the physical landscape of a building, either inside or outside, (e.g., moving walls, doors, or windows) or its operating systems (e.g., HVAC) must gain prior approval through the Office of the Vice President for Campus Services. All such projects must be completed according to the standard operating procedures and guidelines within Campus Services, in addition to the Capital Projects Approval Policy. Final approval for the expenditure of institutional funds on any project is subject to tiered monetary limits, as stated in the University Capital Project Approval Policy and the Emory Healthcare Project Policy, which are incorporated by reference into this policy. The Emory Healthcare Project Policy is subject to certain inclusions under the University policy.

Does your department handle furniture and equipment transportation/relocation?

Our department of Interior Design oversees the planning, purchasing, relocation and transportation of furniture and equipment.  You can find a complete list of their services and fees by visiting the Interior Design home page.

How do Project Managers and Capital Planners select design and construction teams?

The design and construction teams are chosen once a scope of work, project’s programming, budget and schedule are approved by the University Administration and the project funding sources are identified. Capital projects adhere to the Capital Project Approval Process. A list of qualified Architects and Construction Managers are submitted to the Real Estate, Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Emory University Board of Trustees. Architect and Contractor selection for Facilities projects adhere to Emory University’s contract, procurement and payment policy.  For all projects, our office receives and reviews competitive bids and a firm is selected based on proven performance, experience and competitive pricing.

Is there a campus master plan?

The 2005 Campus Master Plan Update is maintained by the University Architect’s Office. Visit the Master Plan website for more information: