How to Start a Project: Capital Project

A Capital Project process is used for the construction of all projects more than $100,000 or that involve debt financing.  It is laid out in terms of approval phases and construction phases. 

The first steps for starting a Capital Project include the initial approval to proceed with project development as well as the designation of a Facilities Planner and design team.  The initial project idea should be submitted directly to the University Architect and must include a brief description of the project vision, drivers, program requirements and a proposed project description.   After further discussion with client about the scope of work, the University Architect or customer will present a write-up to Ways and Means and make a formal request to proceed with a feasibility study. 

Once a feasibility study is approved, a budget is developed to fund planning and design based on the official scope of work.  Once the project is fully funded and approved by University committees to move forward into design, a Program Manager will be chosen to supervise the remaining course of the project.

Six additional phases fall under the direction of the Program Manager or Project Manager including Program Document, Consultant Selection, Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD), Construction Documents (CD) and, finally, construction.  Within each of these respective phases a final scope of work is established, an Architect/Engineer team is chosen and approved, design options are presented and approved by University committees, completed DD documents are shared with and checked for compliance by Campus Services, and completed construction documents are released for construction to start.  Once a 100% CD is released, the contractor begins work under the supervision of the PDC Program Manager.  After construction is completed, a certificate of occupancy is issued and users move into the new space.  Furthermore, LEED Applications are submitted for certification and Campus Services makes a final “key” exchange.

A PDC project will always be assigned a PDC Program or Project Manager with the support of the University Architect’s office to supervise the approval, development and completion of all work.  The typical rate charged is $90.00/hr.