How to Start a Project: Facilities Project

The Facilities Projects process is used for the construction of all projects less than $100,000.  The process is supervised by an Emory Program or Project Manager (PM) who assists in defining the scope of work, developing a project budget and selecting the necessary design and construction teams to complete the work. 

Most Facilities Projects should begin by completing a Work Order through Campus Services.  Here, the owner provides a brief scope of work that defines the issues and needs of their space.  The work order is first processed by Campus Services to decide which department within PDC should receive your request.  If a Project Manager is sent your Work Order, he or she will personally contact the owner to gain supplementary project details and advise on a best course of action. 

Project Managers then review the project details to develop a working budget for approval by necessary groups including the owner.  The project is then bid for pricing proposals that will be approved by PDC and Campus Services administrators.  Once contracts and budgets are approved the PM oversees the construction, close-out and maintenance of all completed work. 

A PDC project will always be assigned a PDC Program or Project Manager with the support of the University Architect’s office to supervise the approval, development and completion of all work.  Approved projects are charged at a rate of $90.00/hr.